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Kitchen Accessories Shop

There is an extensive range of kitchen accessories available and these can be grouped into two general categories: lighting and storage aids.

Please note that our showroom in Winchester has recently relocated to Andover.

Kitchen Lighting and Storage Accessories

Lighting accessories come in the form of under lights, over lights, plinth lights and shelf lights etc. Their purpose is no longer just to illuminate the preparatory kitchen worktop area. With careful selection of the correct lighting type, colour and positioning you can set the particular mood and ambience you desire for the whole room.

Storage aids such as pullout baskets, bins, cutlery trays, corner solutions and so on serve two purposes. Firstly, they can physically add to the usable space available. Secondly, they can organise the way you wish to access a particular area in a more precise or dedicated fashion, often bringing the storage items out of the cupboards making them easier to reach.

Some of the accessories offer better solutions than others. Once you have specified what purpose you want the accessories to achieve, we will endeavour to provide the relevant kitchen accessory that best meets your requirements.

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